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Technology, Its what I'm good at!

Shane Hoey is passionate about cutting edge technology, I live and breath Technology, It’s what I do best. From playing with the latest gadgets to spending the day writing code, it’s what I get excited about. In my day job I thrive on SKype for Business, Office 365, Windows Azure, Windows PowerShell. I strive to understand how these technologies work at a deep technical level.
Skype is my focus

As a highly technical expert in the field of Microsoft Skype for Business, I’m in my happy place when I’m working with Skype. From deployment, day to day management to end user training, It’s what I do.

Cloud is my future

Office 365 & Microsoft Azure are my future, and as a technology evangelist I strive to stay current on these technologies.

Powershell is the glue

Windows PowerShell is the technology that glues everything together focusing on automation with powershell I ensure my skills stay current.



My focus is the Technology

It’s the technology and the understanding of how that tachnology works that excites me. I’m always trying to stay a step ahead learning the latest products.!

Flexible team player who excels in a fast-paced work environments, adapting to prioritizing workloads.


Hands-On and a detail-oriented person with an ability to tapidly aquire knowledge, possesses considerable technical knowledge and enterprise experience.

Problem Solver

Effective at Problem SOlving, Analytically thinking about problems at hand, I look at things and make sense of them, figure out what makes things work, Break a problem down to see what is really going on. That is my Problem Solving Methodology!

Team Player

There is no I in Team, enough said!